Our Story

Solutrades Ltd is a privately owned New Zealand company specialising in property maintenance solutions.

Its origins date back to 2008 when Benoit Petit (Director) set off on a journey. That journey has taken Ben from a home office to commercial premises in central Petone, Lower Hutt.

Solutrades has a workforce which includes builders, decorators, carpet and vinyl layers, labourers and commercial cleaners.  Based on a vision of providing a “solution” rather than just doing a job, Ben cultivated a culture of “Solutions Tradespeople.”

Primarily focused on the Wellington region, Solutrade’s decorators A1Painters were also heavily involved in the Christchurch rebuild, specialising in earthquake repairs for government Social housing. Solutrades’ clients include Colliers International representing Government agencies NZ Transport Agency, Ministry of Social Development Treaty of Waitangi and department: Ministry of Education. Corporate and commercial clients include Programmed Property Services, Switched On Property Maintenance, Oxygen Property Management and Jetts Fitness to name a few.

In a changing market, which demands sustainable solutions by diverse and nimble companies, Solutrades is responsive and responsible for an end to end solution. From assessment and scoping to project delivery, sign off and audit, Solutrades are “Solutions Tradespeople.”

Our People

Benoit Petit (Ben)

Benoit Petit (Ben)


As the leader or person with the vision, the responsibility of making things happen has been huge for Ben. It’s obviously a challenge Ben embraces like he does with all that he encounters in life. Having been a Property Developer and also a painter in past lives, Ben treats property maintenance as an art rather than a job. And when it comes to clients he likes to think he’s serving up a solution for them as opposed to “just doing a job.”
In 2015, as Solutrades takes another step forward as a company, Health & Safety looms as an important and also pivotal part of business for all concerned.

“Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) will become contentious. My aim as Director of Solutrades is to ensure everyone involved in the delivery of our services go home each day to their families, safe and healthy, the same way they left in the morning…”

Nikolas Beale (Nik)

Nikolas Beale (Nik)

Contract Manager

Nik’s team leading experience in manufacturing and textile industries gives Solutrades solid grounding for managing multiple disciplines across numerous projects running concurrently.
One of Nik’s other areas of responsibility is recruitment of trades in the Wellington region.

“Finding good people to carry out the work is an exercise in juggling. Before that though comes the work, ball 1. That involves setting up the customer’s expectation. Resourcing the project to fulfill expected result and deliver the outcome is ball 2. Juggle those two balls and you have a business…”

Chris Murphy-Dally

Chris Murphy-Dally

Operations Manager

Management experience across diverse range of industries, from retail to construction, to farming and energy sectors, Chris is well equipped to handle the rigors of the trades. Quality assurance is a personal measure on which Chris prides himself.

“For me, it’s coming up with that benchmark, which is of a substantially high level but is most definitely attainable by a majority. Then we all work safely to achieve that benchmark. Overarching is measurability, underlying is feasibility of course…”

Caroline Petit-Marquet

Caroline Petit-Marquet

Office Manager

Caroline’s extensive background in client services and sales support coupled with her experience in administration gives Solutrades the backbone required to interface with national and multinational companies. The sheer volume of data and transactions calls for a level head and an eye for detail, with a smile of course.

“The most important part of my role is to ensure things run smoothly. That’s not only to do with despatching the work to the guys, but also the systems we use. There’s the integration of our own data with what Xero says. Then there’s Loc8 CMMS job management software and GeoOp to co-ordinate…”